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This addition bundle includes 20 worksheets and activities on addition within 10 suitable for kindergarten to grade 1 level. These activities help children to:

  • Understand the concept of adding one/ two more

  • Practice to solve addition equations within 10 using pictures (e.g. objects, domino tiles, dice, tally marks, fingers and ten frame)

  • Learn to use number line to help solve addition problems

  • Practice writing out addition equations from pictures given

  • Create their own addition equations

  • Explore various way to make up 10 using ten frames

When you download this addition set, you will receive:

  • 6 worksheets to help children understand the term 'and', perfect for introduction to addition. Check out some of the sample worksheets below.

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving addition equations with dots

  • 4 worksheets to practice writing out addition equations from pictures and ten frames

  • 2 worksheets to create own addition equations​

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving addition equations using number line

Click on the link below to get a copy of the addition bundle set

Kindergarten Addition within 10 Worksheets

or click HERE to download some sample pages from the set.

This set is excellent for revision for your children or students. I recommend doing lots of hands on activities and games with your children or students first before doing these worksheets with them.

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This downloadable kindergarten math shapes worksheets set includes 20 2D shapes worksheets on circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, trapezium/trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. You can download free sample worksheets at the end of this post.

There are different activities in this set to help your children:

  • Recognise and name the shapes listed above

  • Learn the basic properties of shapes (sides and corners)

  • Find and identify shapes in pictures

This worksheets set is a wonderful resource to have as it covers each shapes in great details and there are also activities for reviewing all the shapes.

When you download this kindergarten shapes set, you will receive:

  • 11 individual shape worksheets for circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, trapezium, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. You can see the sample pages for the circle and square worksheets below. These individual shape worksheets help to test your children's ability to:

  • Recognise and identify each shape in simple pictures

  • Try to draw each shape

  • Know the basic properties of each shape - the number of sides and corners

  • 6 finding shapes worksheets that you can use with your children to find out if they are able to identify shapes that have been formed into objects or pictures (e.g. shapes train, shapes fish, shapes boat, etc.). You can see two sample pages of the finding shapes worksheets below.

All the worksheets in this set are great for revision but these finding shapes worksheets are perfect to as extra revisions after you have covered a few shapes. For example, after you have explored circle, square, triangle and rectangle shapes you can use the train shapes worksheet to review all of the four shapes together with your children.

  • 2 matching worksheets - match the symmetrical halves of the the shapes.

  • 2 worksheets that explore the properties of shapes to help your children see how two different shapes can be combined to create a new shapes (e.g. two triangles can form a square, two squares can form a rectangle, etc.)

There you go, a great collection of shapes worksheets and activities varying in level of difficulties to help your children learn about shapes that you can use throughout the year.

​Click on the link below to get the shapes worksheets bundle set for your kindergarten class for $3.90.

Kindergarten Math SHAPES Worksheets

or download some free sample pages from the set below to get started.

Please note that these worksheets are meant for revision or as additional resources for your teaching. I do not recommend using them as part of your main activities. Please ensure that you have done enough hands-on activities on shapes before doing the worksheets with your children or students.

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Books are one of the best medium to introduce new concepts to young children. Here I share eight of my favourite books on shapes that I love to use in class to teach shapes to preschoolers.

(This post contains affiliate links)

1. So Many Circles, So Many Squares by Tana Hoban

This book is filled with a wonderful collection of photographs of circle and square objects. The book helps to encourage children to spot circles and squares in their everyday environment. This book has no text and thus it is very interactive because you can talk about the photographs in so many different ways (e.g. to look for the shapes, to count, talk about color, relating the objects to own personal experiences, etc.) It is a great book for young children to 'read' on their own.

2. Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban

Another interactive book by the same author. This one covers various other shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, oval, heart, star and hexagon. Children will discover that there are many shapes to be found on buildings, towers, food, vehicles, lunchbox and other items.

3. When a Line Bends….A Shape Begins by Rhonda Gowler Greene

This book shows how shapes are created simply by bending a line. It touches on various shapes like circle, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, oval, star, crescent, heart and octagon. The illustrations are colorful and the rhyming texts make it ideal for young readers. One example of an extension activity you can do with your students after reading this book is for them to try to create different shapes using strings or dough.

4. Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert

This book has cut out shapes on the pages to show different animal faces. It covers 9 shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond, heart, octagon and hexagon). It is a wonderful book to learn about shapes, colors and animals like mouse, tiger, monkey, fox, etc.).

5. Color Farm by Lois Ehlert

This book is a follow up from Lois Ehlert and it has the same style with cut out shapes on the pages. Only this book shows different farm animals like chicken, goose, dog, etc.

6. Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsch

This lovely story is about three little mice who find a cluster of colorful shapes as they try to hide from a cat. The mice got really creative with the shapes and created many different things like a house, a tree, a wagon and other things. They even try to use the shapes to create something to scare the cat away. This book is great as an introduction to art activities on shapes such as shapes collage or to be paired with shape blocks for the children to create their own shapes images just like the mice in the story.

7. Shape by Shape by Suze McDonald

This book shows a series of shapes. Each page shows a different shape that is cut out of the paper and all the shapes come together at the end to reveal a mystery animal (probably not so mysterious because you can guess it from the cover). It is a fun, brightly colored book that young children will love and it is great for reviewing shapes.

8. The Perfect Square by Michael Hall

This is an inspiring book about a square. It shows how a perfect square is transformed into many different things like fountain, mountain, river, garden, etc. through different techniques such as cutting it up, punching it with holes, shredding it, etc. Every page from the book can be used as an inspiration for an art project with your children or students.

There you go! Eight books that I think are the best to use to teach shapes to your preschoolers. I hope it gives you some ideas on some books you can get for your class.

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