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Preschool Alphabet 

Activities and Printables

Here you can find all the links to resources to teach the alphabet for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten class. You can download these printables and worksheets to help your children:

  • Recognise upper and lowercase letters

  • Learn the letter sounds

  • Learn things that begin with each letter

  • Practice tracing and writing letters a to z


Click on the links below and you will directed to the appropriate pages or posts.

Free Alphabet Tracing

Alphabet Activity Sets

Well, they say pictures speak louder than words. Above you can see the sample pages from my letter a activity set and there are completed sets that you can download for letter a to z. All in all over 200 pages of alphabet activities and worksheets with adorable illustrations and child friendly fonts. For each letter you will get nine activities: 

  • A letter poster that you can use to introduce each letter and to learn different things that begin with each letter

  • Spot and dot activity and letter maze to help your children recognise upper and lower case letters

  •  Coloring activities to help your children learn the letter sounds

  • Tracing and writing activities in different layouts that you can choose and pick from to suit your children's abilities

Want to add this wonderful sets to your list of teaching resources? You have two options:

1. Get the MEGA Bundle Set!

Save time & money to receive all 26 letters activity sets in one file. Click the link below to download.

Alphabet Activities Mega Bundle Set

2. Download the individual letter sets. Click the letters you need and you will directed to the appropriate posts.

After you have introduced the alphabet to your children you can use the uppercase and lowercase matching worksheets set. Click on the link below to download!

Matching uppercase and lowercase letters worksheets set

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