Create You Own Journal

I have a request from a user to create a journal template for her child to document the Corona Virus situation that we are currently facing. I thought it was a great idea but I did not want to create something so specific such as a lockdown journal. So, I create a series of journaling template inspired by my own love for bullet journaling. Below you can find a basic template that you can fully customise with your children. I did not add much illustrations because I think the children would enjoy decorating their own pages with things that they love and things that they can relate to (for example: decorate their own birthday month plan, yearly family traditions, etc.). Click on every first picture to download the different sections of the journal to create your own.

 All of the files below are for personal use only. Read Term of Use for more information. 

How To:

  1. Choose the cover page. There are two templates available. A simple cover page titled 'My Journal' and another one with space for you to customise your title if you want to create a journal for specific purposes (for example: My Summertime Journal, My Homeschool Journal, etc.)

preschool journal printable

2. Yearly Plan

You can write down important dates such as birthdays, holiday trips, etc.

Preschool journal free printable

3. Monthly Plan

You can use the calendar template to put down important dates as well as to document your month. You can mark special events such as the day you lost your tooth, the day grandma visited, days when you were ill, etc. It will be a nice record to have to look back into.

Preschool journal free printable

4. Weekly Plan

Preschool journal free printable

5. Daily Plan

There are a few templates that you can choose from to help you organise the day and decide on activities or to do list each day.

Preschool journal free printable

6. Documentation

Here are templates you can choose to document different events such as current events that your child is interested in, special day, interesting finds, etc. You can paste photographs, newspaper or magazine cut outs, drawings, etc.

Preschool journal free printable