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This lovely set on colors includes 14 fun activities for children to learn and explore about colors. The set is available in two versions, American English (Color) and British English (Colour).

The activities involve:

  • Posing questions to family members and friends about their favorite colors

  • Observing colors in the enviroment

  • Collecting color samples from various sources and materials

  • Sorting colors according to various attributes such as primary, secondary, dark shade, light shade, warm tones and cool tones

  • Experimenting with color mixing

  • Recognising color words through writing poem and word search puzzles

Choose the version you need and click the links below to DOWNLOAD these sets now.

Color Activity Set (American English)

Colour Activity Set (British English)

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Looking for activities and worksheets to review the concept of same and different? This set includes 18 same and different worksheets suitable for kindergarten level. The activities are great as practice to compare and find things, patterns or pictures that are the same or different in a group.

When you get this set, you will receive:

  • 9 worksheets on same which includes activities like:

  • Finding pictures that are exactly the same in a group of similar pictures

  • Creating patterns or designs that are the same as given pictures

  • Logical pairing or matching two things that belong together (e.g. matching fork and spoon, sock and shoe, table and chair, etc.)

  • Finding two pictures that belong in the same group (e.g. hats, tops, bottoms, etc.)

  • 9 worksheets on different, which include activities like:

  • Finding things that face the same / different directions

  • Finding pictures that are different in a group of similar pictures

  • Identifying patterns that are different

  • Identifying pictures that do not belong in a group

  • Spotting differences in two similar pictures

Click on the link below to buy the Same and Different bundle set for your Kindergarten kids.

Kindergarten Same and Different Worksheets

or click HERE to download some sample pages from this set.

Please take note that these worksheets are meant for revisions and additional resources. I do not recommend using it as your main activity. Please make sure that you have done enough hands - on activities before doing these worksheets with your child or students.

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Today, I have a set of subtraction worksheets and activities for kindergarten level. This set includes 18 subtraction worksheets within 10 to help your children:

  • Understand the relationships between 'taking away' and 'less'

  • Practice solving subtraction equations within 10 through elimination (crossing out)

  • Learn using number line to solve subtraction problems

  • Practice to write out subtraction equations from visuals (i.e. objects, fingers, ten frames)

  • Create own subtraction equations

When you download this subtraction set, you will receive:

  • 6 worksheets to help children understand the relationships between 'taking away' and 'less', perfect for introduction to addition. Check out some of the sample worksheets below.

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving subtraction equations with objects

  • 4 worksheets to practice writing out subtraction equations

  • 2 worksheets to create own subtraction equations​

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving subtraction equations using number line

Click on the link below to get a copy of the subtraction bundle set.

Kindergarten Subtraction within 10 Worksheets

or click HERE to download some sample pages from the set.

This set is excellent for revision for your children or students. I recommend doing lots of hands on activities and games with your children or students first before doing these worksheets with them.

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