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Kindergarten Addition within 10 Worksheets and Activities

Updated: Jan 31

This addition bundle includes 20 worksheets and activities on addition within 10 suitable for kindergarten to grade 1 level. These activities help children to:

  • Understand the concept of adding one/ two more

  • Practice to solve addition equations within 10 using pictures (e.g. objects, domino tiles, dice, tally marks, fingers and ten frame)

  • Learn to use number line to help solve addition problems

  • Practice writing out addition equations from pictures given

  • Create their own addition equations

  • Explore various way to make up 10 using ten frames

Kindergarten Math Addition within 10 Bundle Set

When you download this addition set, you will receive:

  • 6 worksheets to help children understand the term 'and', perfect for introduction to addition. Check out some of the sample worksheets below.

Kindergarten addition worksheet
Addition worksheet for kindergarten
Addition within 10 worksheet for kindergarten

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving addition equations with dots

Addition activity for kindergarten

  • 4 worksheets to practice writing out addition equations from pictures and ten frames

addition worksheet
addition activity