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Updated: Jan 27, 2022

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These basic shapes books are great resources for teaching shapes, suitable for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Each book consists of 18 pages of both geometrical forms of the shape in different sizes and colours as well as high - quality photographs of various items such as sign, food, furnitures, patterns, etc. to help children recognise shapes in the environment.

Apart from teaching shapes concepts, the books also help to build the children's vocabularies and the simple sentences are perfect for early readers to try and read on their own.

I recommend printing the pages on light to medium card stock paper. You can use contact paper to wrap the cover page to make it more durable.

Follow the instructions below closely on how to assemble the pages:

  • Print the cover page (pg.3) first on a single page

  • Change your printer setting to double page printing. Then, print pages 4 to 13 front to back.

  • Fold the pages into half

  • Insert one page into the other and pay attention to the page numbers

  • Staple your book together using long – arm stapler or Click here on simple trick to staple your book if you do not have long – arm stapler

Click on the links below to download the free shapes books.

rectangle book (Booklet)
Download PDF • 12.63MB

triangle book (booklet)
Download PDF • 13.76MB

square book (Booklet)
Download PDF • 11.05MB

Circle book (Booklet)
Download PDF • 8.55MB

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