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Preschool Fruits Theme Matching Worksheets and Activities

Fruits matching worksheets for preschool, pre-k or kindergarten class. Match identical objects worksheets.

Today, I have another set of matching activities and worksheets, fruity edition. This set is great if you are currently doing a theme on fruits and would like numeracy resources to complement your theme. You will find download link to the fruits matching worksheets set as well as link to free sample pages at the bottom of this page.

Children learn to identify simple relationships through matching activities as they observe and recognise similarities of things in the environment. Matching activities also helps to develop children's logical thinking abilities, a foundation to help them understand more complex numeral and other mathematical concepts later on.

There are many different components of matching concepts and this fruit matching set includes six different worksheets and activities that cover different concepts, namely:

  • Matching identical objects

  • Identifying identical objects in a group of five items

  • Matching objects of the same size

  • Matching by two attributes

This set is perfect for pre-k to kindergarten level. You can use the matching worksheets and activity sheets as revision or to reinforce the concept after you have let your children practice matching with real fruits and picture cards. Always make sure that your children have had plenty of practice matching with concrete objects and pictures before doing these worksheets and activities with them.

When you download this numeracy set, you will receive six matching worksheets of varying level of difficulties.

  • A simple matching activity suitable for pre-k class to practice matching identical objects.

Fruits matching worksheet for preschool or pre-k class. Matching identical objects worksheet for preschool.

  • A matching activity for the different form of apple fruit. This activity sheet is a little bit more complex as some of the pictures maybe slightly similar. It is suitable for both pre-k or kindergarten class.

  • An activity for identifying same objects in a group. This matching activity is great for your children to practice their observational skills as they are required to observe and identify the fruits that are the same in a row of five fruits.

Matching activity and worksheet for kindergarten. Fruits matching worksheet for kindergarten.

  • An activity for matching strawberries that are of the same size. This worksheet require children to observe and compare the strawberries of different sizes to find the right match. A worksheet that I think is more suitable for kindergarten class but it also depends on your children's ability, so it may be suitable for pre-k children too! After all, you know your students the best ;).

Matching by size worksheet for preschool, pre-k or kindergarten class.

  • 2 worksheets that also involve matching fruits of the same size but are a little bit more complex than the previous one. These worksheets require children to match by two attributes, types of fruits as well as the size. Great for kindergarten level.

Matching by two attributes worksheet for kindergarten class. Match by type of fruits and size.
Matching by two attributes activity for kindergarten class.

These worksheets and activities are created based on the Singapore's math / numeracy curriculum framework for Kindergarten. The fruits matching worksheets are additional resources that you can use to help achieve the learning goal to help children recognise and use simple relationships through match identical objects (fruits), identifying identical objects in a group, matching by size as well as matching by two attributes.

However, these worksheets and activities are suitable not only for preschoolers from Singapore but for anyone who are introducing or teaching matching concepts to their preschoolers from any other parts of the world! Language may be different but math and numeracy is pretty much the same anywhere!

Click on link below to download the fruits matching bundle set

Or click HERE to download some free sample pages from the set.

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