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Dolch Sight Words Activities Primer / Kindergarten Level

The Dolch sight words lists are probably one of the most commonly used sight words set in preschool or kindergarten. There other lists as well like Fry Sight Words, Jolly Phonics has its own set of tricky words and Letterland has its list of high frequency words too. Which ever you choose to use, they are essentially quite similar.

Personally, I have used both Dolch list as well as Jolly Phonics tricky words in my Kindergarten class. Both are great in my opinion but since Dolch are more widely used, I am creating a set of activities that you can use with your kids when learning sight words.

There are 52 words in the primer word lists. You can check out the word list below and click on the picture to download the poster.

Primer Dolch Sight Words List

I have created a set of primer Dolch sight words activities which includes 52 activities to help your children recognise the sight words through reading, tracing, writing, fill in the missing letters activities, cut and paste activities, etc.

Dolch sight words primer level worksheets and activities

There are different variations for the worksheets so that the children are not doing the same thing again and again. Check out some of the sample pages below.

Dolch sight word all worksheet
Dolch sight word at worksheet

Sight word are worksheet

Dolch sight word am worksheet

Click on link below to download this sight words set.

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