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Free Number of the Day Printable and Worksheet for K-2

Updated: May 6, 2020

Numbers of the Day Worksheets
Download PDF • 10.01MB

Here is a set of free number of the day printables and worksheets to practice numbers and counting concept for kindergarten to grade 2 level. These activity sheets are perfect for morning work with your kids. They can also work in a pair, each child will write the number of the day for the other child to work on. When they are done, they can help check each other's work.

This free set includes 3 different printables.

The first one is great for kindergarten kids to learn about numbers 1 to 20. They can practice to:

  • Show the numbers using ten frames, tally marks or drawings

  • Count on

  • Learn before and after numbers

The second and third versions are more suitable for grade 1 to 2 level to learn about numbers within 100. With these printables, children practice to:

  • Show the numbers using place values

  • Use number chart to add or subtract

  • Add or subtract

  • Learn odd or even numbers

  • Write number words

Click the link below to download these interactive number worksheets.

Numbers of the Day Worksheets
Download PDF • 10.01MB

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