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My Special Name: Rhymes, Songs and Chants for Circle Time

7 name songs, rhymes and chants great for circle time or to break the ice at a new class. Includes printable for teachers to print for future reference.

Here I have a list of seven of my favourite name rhymes, songs and chants great for starting the day in the preschool, circle time or to break the ice in the new class.

I have created a printable for all the rhymes included in this post. You can print these and create your own index card size flip charts. It will make a wonderful resource for years to come. You will find the printable at the bottom of this page.

1. Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee

There are many variations to this fun rhyme or chant. My favourite way to sing this rhyme is to use one of those pen or wand with fluffy top. You can use the wand to tap their feet indicate their turns and get them to blow the wand after they are done. The children would especially love it if you tickle their face with the fluffy pen when they blow it! Not sure how to sing this song? Click HERE or HERE to listen to the tune

Hickety Pickety Bumble Bee

Won't you say your name for me? (Use a wand to point to a child or tap their toes and child says his/her name)

(child says name)

Let's all say it!

Let's say and clap it! (clap syllables)

Let's whisper it...

Let's turn off our voices and just clap it.

Variations: stomp / spell / cheer, etc.

2. Clap a Friend's Name with Me

(Tune: London Bridge is Falling Down)

Clap a friend's name with me,

name with me, name with me,

clap a friend's name with me,

Let's clap (Name).

Variations: stomp, snap, pat (knees), bump (hips), flap (like a bird or duck), shake (egg shakers), etc.

3. Where is .......?

(Tune: Are you Sleeping?)

Where is (child's name)?

Where is (child's name)?

Please stand up,

Please stand up

Do a little waving,

Do a little clapping

Sit back down,

Sit back down

Variations: do a little twirling / dancing / shaking, etc.

4. Willoughby Wallaby Woo

This is a funny silly song that your children will enjoy. It will be even more fun if you have a plushie elephant that the children can pass around to 'sit' on the child whose name is mentioned. Click HERE to listen to the tune of this song.

Willoughby wallaby wee An elephant sat on me Willoughby wallaby woo An elephant sat on YOU (point to the child whose name will be used) Willoughbly wallaby Woarlie An elephant sat on Charlie

5. Who do we appreciate

This is not a quiet chant! You have to use your cheerleader voice and wave your arms in the air like you've just won a medal! A great chant to bring about positivity and energy to your class. It sure is going to make your children feel good about themselves!

2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate? Charlie! Charlie! Yaaayyyyy Charlie! Woooo!

6. Hello, How are You?

(Tune: Skip to my Lou) Hello, (child’s name) how are you? Hello, (child’s name) how are you? Hello, (child’s name) how are you? We’re so glad to see you!

7. Babby Birthday Bo Bou...

I got this idea from Dr.Jean Warren and my kindergarten kids love it because it is so silly. It is also a great way for the children to learn the beginning sound of their name. Basically it is the classic 'Happy Birthday to You' song but you change the first sound of every word to match the first sound of a child's name. For example for Conrad it would be:

Cabby Cirthday Co Cou

Cabby Cirthday Co Cou

Cabby Cirthday Cear Conrad

Cabby Cirthday Co Cou

So, there you go! Now, if you would like to print the lyrics for future reference, you can download the printable that I have created. Simply click on the link below.

I suggest printing the song charts onto thicker paper or do it like I did by pasting them on colorful construction papers so that they are not so flimsy. Punch a hole at the top corner and you can use binder ring or string to attach them. Keep in your theme file for reference!

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