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All about Me: Booklet Printable

Here is a printable set for the theme: All about Myself.

You can use this printable with your children to create a book about themselves. There are 16 different pages to choose from. Children can draw and write different things about themselves such as draw a family pictures, write or draw about their pets, favourite color, favourite food, etc .

You do not have to use all the 16 pages. Instead, the children can choose and pick the pages and things they want to include in their book. I always try to provide choices for my students, thus I created 16 different pages. Your children can also add their own pages if they want to write about other things.

I am going to list all the pages included in this printable set:

  • 2 cover pages

  • This is Me

  • I am___ years old

  • My Special Name

  • My Family

  • My Pet

  • My Best Friend

  • My Teacher

  • My School

  • My Favourite Color

  • My Favourite Food

  • My Favourite Animal

  • My Favourite Toy

  • When I grow up, I want to be...

  • Things I Love

  • People I Love

  • Places I want to visit

Check out some sample pages below:

Click on the picture below to download the set now!

All About Me Book Printable Set

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