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Fun Color (Colour) Activity Set

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Colors Activity Set (American English)

This lovely set on colors includes 14 fun activities for children to learn and explore about colors. The set is available in two versions, American English (Color) and British English (Colour).

The activities involve:

  • Posing questions to family members and friends about their favorite colors

  • Observing colors in the enviroment

  • Collecting color samples from various sources and materials

  • Sorting colors according to various attributes such as primary, secondary, dark shade, light shade, warm tones and cool tones

  • Experimenting with color mixing

  • Recognising color words through writing poem and word search puzzles

Choose the version you need and click the links below to DOWNLOAD these sets now.

Color WS (K) V1.2
Download PDF • 13.94MB

Colour WS (K) V1.2
Download PDF • 13.82MB

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