Pre-K Same and Different Worksheets and Activities

December 31, 2015

This set includes 16 same and different worksheets for pre-k level.  You can use the worksheets as revision to practice:

  • Matching identical shapes, objects or patterns

  • Compare and identify objects that are different in a group



The content of this set is as listed below:

  • 8 worksheets to learn the concept of 'same'. Children can practice to find two items that are the same in a row of 4, match items that are the same, find the same shapes in a group as well as find the same patterns in a group. Check out some of the sample pages below.


















  • 8 worksheets to learn the concept of 'different'. Children can practice to spot items, shapes as well as patterns that are different in a group. Check out some of the sample pages below.








These worksheets with high quality pictures are great for revision and you can also choose from the various activities to suit your child's ability. 


Click on the link below to buy the Pre-K math set

Pre-K Same and Different Worksheets 

 or click HERE to download some sample pages from this set.


Please take note that these worksheets are meant for revisions and additional resources. I do not recommend using it as your main activity. Please make sure that you have done enough hands - on activities before doing these worksheets with your child or students. 


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