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Preschool Patterns Matching Worksheets and Activities

Here is another new set of matching activities and worksheets, patterns edition. Other than for matching practice, you can also use the activities with your preschoolers for introduction to patterns. Before your children learn to continue or create their own patterns it is essential to let them explore and identify the different patterns in the environment such as stripes, patterns on fabric, roof, the walkway, patterns on leaves, clothing, wrapping paper and many more.

Preschool Patterns Matching Worksheets and Activities

These patterns matching worksheets set include activities of different level of difficulties that help your children to recognise simple relationships and patterns through matching activities as well as identifying different patterns.

The set is perfect as revision activities to help develop logical thinking and observational skills, a very important foundation to help children understand more complex numeral concepts later on. You will find download link for these pattern matching worksheets set as well as link to free sample pages at the bottom of this page.

There are many different components of matching concepts and this patterns matching set includes seven different worksheets and activities that cover different concepts, namely:

  • Matching identical patterns

  • Draw to create same patterns as the given ones

  • Color to create patterns that are identical to the given ones

  • Identify identical patterns / pictures in a group

This set includes activities for pre-k to kindergarten level. You can use the matching worksheets and activity sheets as revision or to reinforce the concept after you have let your children practice matching with pieces of patterned cloth fabric, socks, printed papers or wrapping paper, etc. Always make sure that your children have had plenty of practice matching with concrete objects and pictures before doing these worksheets and activities with them.

When you download this preschool pattern matching set, you will receive seven matching worksheets of varying level of difficulties.

  • Four simple worksheets to practice matching identical patterns. You can see some of the sample pages below.

Easter eggs matching activity
Preschool patterns matching worksheet

  • Two drawing activities to create patterns that are the same to the ones given.

preschool drawing patterns matching activity
patterns matching activity

  • Two activities to create patterns that are identical to the ones given. These activities are more complex thus more suitable for kindergarten level. Great activities to practice observational skills and spatial concepts too.

Patterns matching  and spatial awareness activity for kindergarten
patterns matching and spatial awareness worksheet for kindergarten

  • Two worksheets for practice to identify pictures that are identical in a group of four items. These activities are suitable for kindergarten level as the pictures used are diagrams for similar patterns which really test their observational skills.

same worksheet for kindergarten
kindergarten worksheet for same concept

These worksheets and activities are created based on the Singapore's math / numeracy curriculum framework for Kindergarten. The patterns matching worksheets are additional resources that you can use to help achieve the learning goal to help children recognise and use simple relationships through match identical patterns, identifying identical patterns in a group and coloring to create identical patterns.

However, even if you are not in Singapore or are not following the Singapore curriculum, these worksheets and activities are suitable for anyone who are introducing or teaching patterns and matching concepts to preschoolers or kindergarten children from any other parts of the world!

Click on link below to download the patterns matching bundle set

Or click HERE to download some free sample pages from the set.

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