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Ending Sounds Worksheets and Activities

This phonics bundle set focuses on ending sounds. The set consists of 14 worksheets and activities on ending sounds: d, g, n, p, t, x.

Learning ending sounds is the next progression after learning beginning sounds.

Ending Sounds Bundle Set

This set includes:

  • 6 activities on each individual ending sound for d, g, n, p, t and x. The children have to identify, trace or color things that end with each sound. See the sample pages below.

Ending sound g worksheet for preschool, pre-k or kindergarten.
Phonics worksheet for preschool on ending sound d.
Preschool ending sounds worksheets for letter x

  • 3 activities for more practice that are great to review two ending sounds (t or n, p or g and d or x). Children have to identify and fill in the missing ending sounds. Check out the sample pages for ending sounds t or n and p or g.

Ending sounds worksheets for preschool or kindergarten class
Preschool phonics worksheets on ending sounds

  • 2 activities for reviewing three ending sounds

Preschool ending sounds worksheet
Preschool phonics ending sounds activities

  • 3 activities to review all the six ending sounds

Preschool ending sounds phonics worksheet

Click on the link below to purchase the ending sounds bundle set

Or click HERE to download some free sample pages from the set.

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