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Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Theme Color Words Activities

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Billy Martin Jr. and Eric Carle is a very popular book, definitely one of the must-have in early childhood classrooms.

The book includes very simple repetitive text but provides many opportunities for learning. One of the main topic that you can cover using this book is color.

I have create a set of color words activities that you can use with your kids after reading the book as practice to recognise, copy or write out color words. The activities are also great for children to try to read the repetitive texts from the book and recognising sight words like what, do, you, and, see.

These activities are great for kindergarteners or first graders. Children have to try to remember the color of the animals from the book and fill in the blanks to complete the sentences using the correct color words.

Click on link below to download the Brown Bear, Brown Bear color words activities for free and receive a set of 3 activities on all the nine animals from the book.

Brown Bear Color Words Activities

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