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Skip Count by 2, 5 and 10 Worksheets for Kindergarten to Grade 1

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Today, I have a set of 5 worksheets and activities for skip counting suitable for kindergarten to grade 1 class. The worksheets are to review skip counting by 2, 5 and 10 with your kids.

Skip Counting by 2, 5 and 10 worksheets set

There are worksheets and activities of different level of difficulties that you can choose from. These worksheets are meant for revision, so you should ensure that you have done plenty of activities on skip counting with your kids before doing these worksheets and activities with them.

Check out some of the sample worksheets included in this set below.

Free skip counting by 5 worksheet
Free skip counting by 2 activity

Click on link below to download the free skip counting worksheets set

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