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Chinese New Year 2017 Rooster Art Activities (+ Free Printable)

Chinese New Year 2017 Art for Kids. Rooster Art for Kids.

It is the year of the rooster and here are some ideas of rooster art that you can do with your children. Free template is available for download, you will find the link at the bottom of this page.

Creating art from template is not limited to just coloring. Below I am going to show you how you can make use of template and create different artworks using various tools and materials, lines, colors and art techniques.

All the rooster artworks below focuses mainly on lines. You can see how simple element like lines are being incorporated to create very different artworks.

Rooster painting for kids

This one is created using water colors. Paint the rooster template with water color. Cut and paste the rooster on color paper. For this artwork, the lines are incorporated in the background using black markers. The artwork is beautiful even against plain colored background but the simple black lines add more textures and bring out the color of the rooster even more.

Another example of artwrok with the cut and paste method. This one made use of water color, oil pastel and markers.

  • Fill the different parts of the rooster with different types of lines using markers.

  • Help your child to cut the rooster out and set aside

  • The background is created with oil pastel and water color. Let your child draw different kind of lines or patterns on a piece of drawing block with white oil pastel. Then fill up the paper with water colors to reveal the oil pastel design.

  • Paste the decorated rooster on the colorful background.

I love the contrast of black and white drawings against colorful background. A great option for children who do not like coloring ( I am one of them).

Another example of black and white object on colorful background. This one is created with only markers and is great for the rainbow fans!

  • Fill the different parts of the rooster with lines and patterns

  • Draw outlines around the rooster with markers and fill up the page, leaving gaps between each outlines.

  • Fill in the outlines with markers or other coloring tools.

Another variation that is quite similar to the one above. Experimenting with lines and colors using markers and color pencils.

Displaying your children's artwork is also an important element. Adding frames to display your children artworks make a difference. The frames you see above are created with recycled cardboards. I love using strings and pegs as well. But frames make it looks like their artworks are being displayed in an art gallery.

So, there you go, some ideas you can do with the rooster template that I have created. Great for Chinese New Year 2017, if you are a little bit bored of creating the same cherry blossoms painting or Chinese lantern art.

To download the free rooster art template, click on the link below.

Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating!!

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