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Paper Stars Origami Craft

It is December and Christmas will be here soon! Today, I have an origami tutorial to make paper stars wonderful as decorations for your house or classroom to get into that festive mood. Paper crafts are one of my favourite because it is economical and great way to use recycled material and for this tutorial, all you really need is paper (and maybe scissors).

You need 8 pieces of square paper. It can be origami paper, constructions paper or wrapping paper. To create patterned stars, use two different types of paper, 4 of each.

Step 1: Start with a piece of square paper. Fold half diagonally and open.

Step 2 & 3: Fold corners from both sides to the center line

Step 4 & 5: Do the same to the top corners. You will get a diamond shape.

Step 6: Bring the longer part of the diamond end across to the right to meet the top right flap. Fold, open and flip to the other side.

Step 7: Use the creased line from step 6, fold the bottom part across to the left side.

Step 8: This is a tricky part. Fold the paper in half. Pull out the flap and fold in half. You will have two pointy structure, let's call it bunny ears.

Step 9: Fold the rest of the square papers and you will get eight bunny ears

Step 10: To assemble the star, you have to combine all the eight parts. Do so by taking two pieces of bunny ears. Combine two bunny ears together by inserting the shorter ear inside the longer ear. Continue until you use up all 8. Do it in a pattern if you are using two different types of paper.

It should look like these when you are done. An eight-pointed stars. Attach a string and you can hang these decoration.


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