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Frogs on a Log Subtraction Printable

Free Frogs on a Log Subtraction Printable. Practice subtraction within 5 with this adorable printable. This interactive printable and worksheet will help your children understand the concept of subtraction or taking away.

This adorable printable is great to help your children understand the concept of subtracting or taking away. The printable is both adorable and interactive. With interactive activity like this you can also help your children develop greater understanding of number sense. As they use the frogs to help them solve the subtraction equations, they may also learn to subitize.

You can print the printable in color or black & white. Your children can make their own frog counters by coloring and cutting the frogs and log out following the dotted lines. Simply stick the bottom part of the frog onto the log as shown in the picture above so that they can fold down the frog as they subtract.

Frogs on a Log Subtraction Printable.

If you want to make this printable more durable, print on thicker paper or cover the log and frogs with contact paper before cutting them out. If you do not have contact paper, normal clear packing tape works great too!

Something to take note of: if you do use contact paper, I suggest you tape the bottom part of the frogs instead of using glue as they might not stick well.

Also, if you don't want to use the frogs printable, you can also use counters like I did below. I personally think the frogs are cuter and children love to do craft. The printable is also great as props to sing the

I know the frogs and log on the printable are not speckled but you can them on your own!

You do you!

Subtraction Printable.

Choose the version you prefer, color or black & white and get your free frogs on a log subtraction printable. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and you would really help to support my website by sharing this link of this post: on your social media.

Frogs on a Log Printable (COLOR)

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