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Preschool Letter M Activities and Worksheets

Yay! We are halfway through the alphabet now! Today I have a set of letter M activities and worksheets, suitable for preschoolers. I have compiled nine letter m activities into a downloadable alphabet workbook. You can use these activities and worksheets to help your children:

  • Learn things that begin with letter m (e.g. monkey, moon, mug, etc.)

  • Recognise upper and lowercase letter m

  • Practice tracing and writing letter m

  • Identify letter m sound

The activities included in this workbook are:

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  • Letter M Poster

Letter L Poster

This letter m poster is great for introducing the letter Mm. The words included are mouse, mug, monkey, moon, mango, mountains, monster and mushroom. You can use this poster as a guide for various hands on activities such as creating alphabet box, sing and dramatise the classic rhymes: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed or 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree, looking at different types of mushrooms, creating letter M crafts, read letter m books like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond, The Monster at the End of This Book by John Stone and Michael Smollin, Tickle Monster by Josie Bisett and Kevan J. Atteberry, Playtime with Monster by Michael Yu, Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle, etc. with your children and more!

  • Spot and Dot the Letter Activity​

Spot and Dot the Letter Worksheet

Help Max find the letter m! This activity helps your children recognise upper and lowercase letter m. They have to find both the upper and lower case letter and dot or color them.

I love using these dot markers and the kids enjoy using it more than just plain coloring.

  • Letter M Maze

Letter K Maze

Trace through the maze to help the monkey find the banana and Max find his monster friend. Another fun activity for letter recognition as well as cognitive skills. If you want to reuse the activity sheet, you can laminate it and use washable marker to trace along the maze.

  • Letter M Sound Worksheets

There are two variations of letter m beginning sound worksheets for you to choose from. They are straight forwards activities where your children have to identify items that begin with letter m. These activities are also great for reviewing previous letters learnt.

Letter M Sound Worksheet
Letter M Sound Worksheet

  • Letter M Tracing Worksheets

​There are four different letter m tracing worksheets to choose from with the options of tracing with lines or free form tracing with box. These worksheets are not filled with tons and tons of tracing to do because I find that children get so bored and tired when there are too much to trace. However, if your child is older and you would prefer a more intense tracing activities, check out my alphabet tracing workbook.

Letter L Tracing Worksheet
Letter L Tracing Worksheet


Letter L Tracing Worksheet
Letter M Tracing Worksheet

Click on the picture below to get your copy of letter m activity book.

Letter M worksheets and activities

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