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Free Ice Cream Letter Sounds Printable

Free letter sounds printables

Teaching letter sounds require a lot of practice through games and hands on activities. I love fun colourful printable and today, I am sharing my favourite ice cream letter sounds printable. You can use this printable in different ways according to your children's abilities. The two ways that I use the printable are:

  • To introduce the letter sounds. Go through each items for each letter with your children. Emphasise the sound of the letter, for example: a - a - ant, b - b - banana, etc.

  • For sorting game. This activity is great to reinforce and review your children's knowledge of the letter sounds after you have introduced 2 or 3 letters / sounds.

What you have to do is mix pictures (ice cream scoops) for two or even three different letters. Get the children to sort the items to match the correct letter and continue to encourage them to emphasise the sound of the letter (e.g. a - a - apple) . For higher level of difficulty you can let the children sort two tricky sounds such as 'b' and 'd'.

Click on the link below to download this yummylicious fun letter sounds printable.

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