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Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheets and Activities

Are your kids having problem recognising and matching uppercase and lowercase letters? Then, this activity set is perfect for you. It includes 11 worksheets and activities on matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters Bundle Set

Like many of my bundle sets, you will find a good variety of activities and worksheets of different levels of difficulties to choose from. There are simple matching activities, more difficult ones that require writing out the uppercase or lowercase letters or advance activities which require knowledge of the letter sounds. This set is also perfect for revision after you have covered all the letters of the alphabet with your children.

When you get this bundle set, you will receive:

  • 4 simple matching activities of different layouts so that it is not so monotonous for children

Uppercase and lowercase letters matching activity
Uppercase and lowercase matching worksheet
Uppercase and lowercase matching cut and paste activity

  • 2 activities that involve writing out the uppercase and lowercase letters

  • 5 matching activities that require children to know the letter sounds and things that begin with each letter

Uppercase and lowercase letters matching worksheet for preschool or kindergarten class

Click on the link below to purchase this bundle set.

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