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Kindergarten Same and Different Worksheets and Activities

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Looking for activities and worksheets to review the concept of same and different? This set includes 18 same and different worksheets suitable for kindergarten level. The activities are great as practice to compare and find things, patterns or pictures that are the same or different in a group.

Kindergarten Same and Different Worksheets

When you get this set, you will receive:

  • 9 worksheets on same which includes activities like:

- Finding pictures that are exactly the same in a group of similar pictures

- Creating patterns or designs that are the same as given pictures

- Logical pairing or matching two things that belong together (e.g. matching fork and spoon, sock and shoe, table and chair, etc.)

- Finding two pictures that belong in the same group (e.g. hats, tops, bottoms, etc.)

worksheet on same for kindergarten
Same worksheet for kindergarten
logical pairing worksheet for kindergarten

  • 9 worksheets on different, which include activities like:

- Finding things that face the same / different directions

- Finding pictures that are different in a group of similar pictures

- Identifying patterns that are different

- Identifying pictures that do not belong in a group

- Spotting differences in two similar pictures

kindergarten worksheet on different