Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets and Activities

Today, I have a set of subtraction worksheets and activities for kindergarten level. This set includes 18 subtraction worksheets within 10 to help your children:

  • Understand the relationships between 'taking away' and 'less'

  • Practice solving subtraction equations within 10 through elimination (crossing out)

  • Learn using number line to solve subtraction problems

  • Practice to write out subtraction equations from visuals (i.e. objects, fingers, ten frames)

  • Create own subtraction equations

When you download this subtraction set, you will receive:

  • 6 worksheets to help children understand the relationships between 'taking away' and 'less', perfect for introduction to addition. Check out some of the sample worksheets below.

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving subtraction equations with objects

  • 4 worksheets to practice writing out subtraction equations

  • 2 worksheets to create own subtraction equations​

  • 2 worksheets to practice solving subtraction equations using number line

Click on the link below to get a copy of the subtraction bundle set.

Kindergarten Subtraction within 10 Worksheets

or click HERE to download some sample pages from the set.

This set is excellent for revision for your children or students. I recommend doing lots of hands on activities and games with your children or students first before doing these worksheets with them.

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