Pre-K Measurements Worksheets and Activities

This measurement set includes 18 worksheets and activities on size, length and height comparison for pre-k level. The worksheets are great for revision to help your children:

  • Compare things by size using terms like big, small, bigger, smaller, same size, smallest, and biggest

  • Compare things by length using terms like long, short, longer, shorter, same length, longest, and shortest

  • Compare things by height using terms like tall, short, taller, shorter, same height, tallest, and shortest

This pre-k measurement set includes:

  • 6 size comparison worksheets and activities

  • 6 length comparison worksheets

  • 6 height comparison worksheets

Click on the link below to download this fantastic pre-k measurement set which is the best seller at my TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) Store.

Pre-K Measurement - Size, Length and Height Comparison Worksheets

or click HERE to download some sample pages.

Please take note that these worksheets are meant for revision and I do not recommend using them as your main activity. Please ensure that you have explore the topic through hands - on activities before doing the worksheets with your child or students.


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